Leader: Let memory of a world-renowned runner inspire us

IF IT is inspiration you seek, than look no further than Jenny Wood Allen, a remarkable Dundonian woman who took on adversity and conquered it with style.

Many would think, if they were fortunate enough to reach the age of 71 and having been successful at a job, raised a family, and been active in local politics (being a Conservative in Dundee is no cushy number), then it was time to put the feet up and seek no greater challenge than booking a cruise liner holiday.

But not Mrs Allen. That was when she decided she would become a marathon runner, going on to take part in no fewer than 16 London marathons and raising a formidable amount of money for charity.

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Clearly she took it seriously, managing to post a record marathon time for a competitor over 70 years of four hours and twenty minutes, a time which most younger people would struggle to best.

Indeed, there can be few pensioners who take up something at that age and manage to become so good at it that they earn a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

She has now sadly died at the age of 99, but it is certain that her memory will live on as an abiding beacon of achievement for others to follow.