Leader comment: At 200, thank you to all our readers

It would be entirely remiss to let such a milestone as this newspaper's bicentenary pass without comment in these columns.

Scotsman editor Ian Stewart as the paper celebrates its bicentenary.
Scotsman editor Ian Stewart as the paper celebrates its bicentenary.

We are celebrating today and rightly so, and as part of those celebrations we mark the contribution made by the generations of journalists and the many others in different roles who all have to work together to create a successful news organisation, whose efforts and determination, integrity and authority, not to mention commercial acumen, allow us to carry on those traditions today.

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The many, many messages of congratulation and support have been very welcome and lots have been deeply touching. It is great to hear how many people have been directly involved with the paper and feel closely connected to it. The demonstration of the warmth and affection felt for the title has been appreciated by all who work for it and are part of it. At a time when journalism has lost some of its respect and credibility due to the actions of a very few while the vast majority observed the highest ethical standards (no, this is not heading towards the delicious irony of a “bad press” claim), it is heartening to know there is still widespread appreciation for the work that we do.

And in all the thanks and mutual admiration that is going around, it would be very wrong to leave out one vitally important group of people – you the readers. It seems rather stating the obvious but without readers we would not be able to do what we do, so please accept our deep, heartfelt gratitude, and our wishes that you continue to be part of a very special institution. We hope you like the changes that have been introduced. We know, and trust, you will let us know.