Larysa Switlyk: US hunter who killed goats on Scottish island taunts critics with '˜Eat More Goat' t-shirt range

A controversial US hunter who caused outrage after posting photos of goats and sheep she killed on a Scottish island has taunted critics by launching a range of T-shirts celebrating the controversy.

TV presenter Larysa Switlyk, 33, received global criticism after she and a companion were pictured smiling with animals they shot on the Isle of Islay.

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Outrage after '˜sickening' US hunting trip on Scottish island

But she has now unveiled a collection of T-shirts and hoodies bearing the slogans “Don’t let me get your goat,” “Eat More Goat” and “’Barbaric’ Hunter.”

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The huntress claimed a percentage of profits from the clothing range will go towards wild goat conservation.

She posted a photo of herself wearing one of the shirts and wrote on Instagram: “Due to the recent outrage over my hunting adventures I’ve decided to launch T-shirts to take a stance for what I believe in.

“A percentage of every shirt sold goes towards conservation efforts for the world’s capra species.

“Thank you for your support. We are already on our next hunt and will be in and out of service the next two weeks. Definitely on a dream hunt right now and I’m extremely blessed. Thank you God and again I will never apologize for being a hunter.”

Switlyk’s decision to launch the t-shirts, which are being sold for $29.95, was criticised by people on social media.

Patrick Galbraith, the editor of the Shooting Times, said: “Beyond distasteful that @LSwitlyk is shamelessly attempting to capitalise on a pathetic stunt that may ultimately harm fieldsports in Scotland. She shows no respect for the hunting community or the beautiful creatures we are privileged to pursue.”

One Twitter used called ‘Matthew in Norfolk’ wrote: “Please don’t bother coming back to the UK. You have done huge damage to the sport that we love and selling t-shirts like this shows extremely poor judgement.”

Tweets from the twitter feed of Larysa Switlyk - an American reality star who calls herself a professional Huntress.Tweets from the twitter feed of Larysa Switlyk - an American reality star who calls herself a professional Huntress.
Tweets from the twitter feed of Larysa Switlyk - an American reality star who calls herself a professional Huntress.

Natasha Reinhart said: “Absolutely disgusting, and a huge, shameful embarrassment to Americans that travel abroad. Scotland, we are so sorry for the actions of these jerks who can only pleasure themselves by murdering beautiful creatures.”

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Switlyk has said she will never apologise for her actions and this week called for an end to death threats against her.

She had proudly described how she had spent two days hunting goat on Islay before fatally wounding one with a ‘200 yard shot’ using a long-range rifle.

The pictures caused fury with a politicians, celebrities, island residents and outraged members of the public calling for an end to the practice.

Following the furore, Switlyk said she was “headed out on a bush plane for my next hunting adventure” and would be out of service for a fortnight.

She defended her actions and thanked fellow hunters who supported her.

An online petition has been launched calling for the government to ban trophy hunting in Scotland.

The Scottish government has said that it will review the law on animal culling after the response to the images.

Switlyk is a former accountant who left her job in New York City to pursue her passion for hunting and fishing and now hosts Larysa Unleashed in the US.

The show follows her around the world and she also organises hunting trips.

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