Kirkcaldy airshow chiefs reveal preferred date

Plans for a large-scale airshow at Kirkcaldy's waterfront are taking shape, with organisers pinning down a favoured date for the event.
Talks are ongoing regarding the potential airshow.Talks are ongoing regarding the potential airshow.
Talks are ongoing regarding the potential airshow.

The Fife Free Press broke the story last month that bosses at the Scottish International Airshow were taking a one-year break from their normal base in Ayrshire and were looking to Fife.

Doug McLean, director of the Scottish International Airshow, said: “It’s very positive. We met with Fife Council and we agreed some outlines of what’s going to happen, and the desire to get local businesses involved, like Glenrothes Airport.

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Ian Cameron, left, and Alistair Cameron. Picture: George McLuskieIan Cameron, left, and Alistair Cameron. Picture: George McLuskie
Ian Cameron, left, and Alistair Cameron. Picture: George McLuskie
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“These are all good things that we want to do so we’re working towards hopefully getting an agreement with the council, and it obviously has to put it through its own budget processes.

“We’re looking to get an agreement with the council just as soon as possible.

“As far as we’re concerned, everything is looking positive at the moment for Kirkcaldy.

“It’s a good site as far as we’re concerned.

“We’re very impressed with Fife Council. It is very enthusiastic about the whole thing and we’re very happy with the support.

“The date we’re looking at just now is the last Saturday in August.”

It is understood plans could involve other events and displays in Kirkcaldy town centre over the weekend, and Fife Airport in Glenrothes also holding a pre-show event.

It is also hoped that an additional airshow in Portrush in Northern Ireland on the same day could share aircraft with the Kirkcaldy event.

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Councillor Alistair Cameron has been taking part in talks with organisers.

He said: “In terms of the airshow it would obviously be a great event but I’d be optimistically cautious.

“We need to find out what the economic benefits are.

“I’d want guarantees that local traders and retailers would be able to get involved.

“If we’re going to do anything we need to have a quality show, and we need to know what the programme is.

“If it is a quality event then we’d want to do it more than once, and build it up for future years.”

Councillor Ian Cameron has also been involved in talks to help hammer out the details. He said: “An airshow in Kirkcaldy is an exciting prospect but we need to manage expectations until we understand exactly what we are talking about.

“There are three big questions that need to be answered more fully.”

He said the questions revolve around what benefits would come to Kirkcaldy businesses, what the displays might involve, and what the cost would be to the council.

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He said: “Officers are working to address this uncertainty before any decision can be made.

“The decision is, of course, not for just a one-off event.

“If successful we would undoubtedly want the option to repeat the event in rotation with Ayrshire.

“Tourism is doing well in the Kirkcaldy area.

“Events are very much part of our local tourism strategy and the Local Tourism Association, with a growing membership, has already seen some of its initiatives result in greater visitor numbers – especially from Europe.”