KILTR chief Brian Hughes launches latest version

Scottish social networking site KILTR has announced the launch of its latest incarnation, which its chief executive says will deliver a “richer” experience for users.

Kiltr founders Stewart Fraser, left, and Brian Hughes. Picture: Comp

Brian Hughes, who co-founded KILTR in 2009 with Stewart Fraser, said Version 2 will feature dedicated content channels, a new design, and “deeper integration with other social media platforms”. He added that organisations will be given a bigger presence on the site with premium profiles.

Version 2 is also expected to include features that will be more responsive to mobiles and tablets. Multimedia enhancements will also feature prominently on Kiltr’s latest update, with users able to present videos, music and images on their profiles.

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A “best of” KILTR feed, highlighting the site’s most popular content, will also be implemented.

Commenting on the release, Mr Hughes said: “The journey that has led our team to Version 2 is one that has been carefully considered with the support and input of our community.

“With new curated content channels, deeper integration with the other social media platforms and premium profiles for organisations, we are confident that phase two of KILTR will give our community a richer social experience that they will be pushed to find elsewhere.

“What’s more, we are now at a point where the company is an attractive commercial proposition for brands, both in Scotland and further afield, which will enable us to compete in the digital market place.”