Kilted yoga star targeted with homophobic hate mail

A Scottish man whose video of kilted yoga sessions in a forest became a viral hit has been targeted with homophobic hate mail.

Finlay Wilson, front, appears in the Kilted Yogi video alongside Tristan Cameron-Harper.
Finlay Wilson, front, appears in the Kilted Yogi video alongside Tristan Cameron-Harper.

Police said they had launched an investigation after Finlay Wilson - whose Kilted Yogi videos were viewed more than 50 million times worldwide last month - received a letter telling him to leave his home and threatening his safety.

The handwritten note was left in an envelope at the 30-year-old’s home in Dundee on Tuesday morning.

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Mr Wilson told The Sun: “I came out my flat at 6.30am to walk the dog and there was a handwritten letter in a sealed envelope on the front step addressed to ‘the gay boy at number 45’.

“It said threatening stuff like ‘you need to watch yourself’ and they said they’d been watching my videos online and that they want me to get out.

“I don’t really know anyone in the building. My friends have been saying they didn’t realise this sort of thing still happened in this day and age.

“I was upset at first, but now I am furious because someone’s aim is to intimidate me and terrorise me into leaving my home because of their own bigoted beliefs.

“I’ve never had any grief in Dundee at all, and I didn’t expect this. The people who do this sort of thing need to know that their views are unacceptable and the majority of people won’t tolerate it.”

Mr Wilson - whose videos for the BBC Social website showed him doing yoga with Mr Scotland Tristan Cameron-Harper in the Hermitage forest in Dunkeld, Perthshire - said his dog was also threatened.

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: “Police Scotland is investigating a threatening and abusive incident in connection with a letter left outside an address in Dundee.

“Anyone with information regarding the incident, that happened sometime between 10pm on Monday, March 27 and 6.30am on Tuesday, March 28, should contact Police Scotland on 101.

“Information can also be provided anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

“Hate Crime is any criminal offence committed against an individual or property that is motivated by a person’s hatred of someone because of his or her actual or perceived race, religion, transgender identity, sexual orientation or disability.

“Police Scotland does not tolerate Hate Crime in any form and everyone has the right to live safely and without fear.”