Katie Hopkins '˜forced back from Australia' after '˜sweaty jocks' tweet

Katie Hopkins has claimed she was forced to return to the UK by police after insulting a Scottish nurse who survived Ebola.
Katie Hopkins claimed she was repatriated. Picture; GettyKatie Hopkins claimed she was repatriated. Picture; Getty
Katie Hopkins claimed she was repatriated. Picture; Getty

In an interview, she claimed that she was ‘repatriated’ by police after tweeting: “Little sweaty jocks, sending us Ebola bombs in the form of sweaty Glaswegians just isn’t cricket”.

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Hopkins blasted Police Scotland in a podcast interview hosted by former University of Glasgow rector candidate Milo Yiannopoulos.

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She claimed she was repatriated by police to answer claims of racism while in Australia after making comments about Pauline Cafferkey, who volunteered to help in the fight against Ebola, and was diagnosed with the virus in 2014.

However, a spokesman for Police Scotland responded to her claim telling the Herald that suspects would not be repatriated without a warrant first being issued.

An investigation was carried out by police following an online petition, however, “no evidence of criminality” was found.

Under the investigation, police had been following up complaints after Hopkins called Cafferkey a “sweaty Glaswegian”.

Speaking on the podcast, Hopkins said she was brought back from Australia: “I was in Australia for travel and the police rang in the middle of the night and said we are going to repatriate you to the UK for this Tweet.”

“They didn’t like sweaty jocks. Socks or jocks. I muddled the two. And one of them was racist. Is sweaty sock or jocks racist?

“They felt it was racist because 15 different police forces had received reports that it was a racist...[ remark].

“I had a phone call saying we are repatriating you because you called us ‘sweaty socks’.

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“I’ve gotta get my head around this. Let me wake up a little bit. It’s still not making sense.”

Despite the claims a Police Scotland spokeswoman said there is “nothing to indicate anyone from Police Scotland contacted Katie Hopkins”.

She added: “We wouldn’t bring someone back just for questioning. They’d have to be brought back under a warrant.”