Junior eco-warriorsshocked at rubbish

When two youngsters came to holiday in Portpatrick, it didn’t take them long to follow the example of Sweden’s ‘green’ girl activist Greta Thunberg and become mini-eco warriors.

Visiting children find rubbish on Galloway beach. Apl 2019

As proud mum Fiona Hunter looked on, her 11 year-old daughter Morven and 13 year-old nephew Michael Hutchieson started to conduct an impromptu litterpick amongst the shoreline rocks - and within 15 minutes had collected a pile of washed-up plastic bottles (pictured).

Explained Fiona, from Hamilton: “This was collected by them from only a small section of the rocks and in only a quarter of an hour. I think this draws attention to the problems our environment is facing and how this up-and-coming generation are concerned enough to want to help.

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“I was so proud of them for doing this even though I know this is just the tip of the iceberg.

“It just highlights the effect plastic is having on our environment and oceans.

“It’s a subject that has featured heavily in school. After they carried out their clean-up, they were both asking why can people not just put their rubbish in the bin?”