Jim Spence Rangers comments: BBC probe launched

THE BBC has launched an investigation into comments made by BBC Scotland presenter Jim Spence, who is accused of labelling Rangers “the old club that died”.

The BBC has confirmed an investigation into comments made by Jim Spence has been launched. Picture: Getty

Though an apology over the remarks has already been issued by the broadcaster, complaints over the remarks made on the Sportsound programme have been escalated because fans found the BBC’s response unsatisfactory.

More than 400 complaints were made to the BBC over Mr Spence’s comments, which were said to be malicious and inaccurate.

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The comments were aired during a discussion over the club’s ongoing boardroom power struggle.

Mr Spence said during the show: “John McClelland, who was the chairman of the old club, some people will tell you that the club, well, the club that died, [is] possibly coming back.”

Further references to “the old club” and “the old regime” were made.

In June, complaints about the BBC’s reporting of Rangers’ financial collapse last year were upheld. Complainints alleged that the broadcaster had incorrectly used the terms “old” and “new” when referring to the club. The BBC Trust, who investigated the claims, found that such terms should only have referred to the liquidated company, not the club.

Colin Tregear, complaints director of the BBC, confirmed a new investigation will be launched.

A BBC Scotland spokesman said last week: “Jim Spence did not state that the club had died but, in the context of a discussion about former board members joining that club, commented that here are some people who hold this particular view.”