Jewellery store ups 
its security

A GEORGE Street jeweller
targeted in a £1 million armed robbery is set to invest £50,000 in security, including a “fog cannon” system.

Two men with an axe and a gun entered the Rox store at about 5.15pm on Tuesday last week and smashed cabinets to steal watches, diamond necklaces and engagement rings.

A Rox spokeswoman said: “The safety and wellbeing of our staff are our utmost priorities at all times and following the armed robbery we are investing £50,000 in additional security for our Edinburgh store to deter burglars and give staff, who are still badly shaken, extra peace of mind.

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“We are now operating a lock door policy at all times and have employed a full-time security guard – we have also installed a smoke cloud system as a deterrent.

“This is a system that, when activated, releases a heavy fog which fills the room and reduces visibility.”