Insurance agent sacked for theft from cabbies

AN insurance agent has been sacked after he stole almost £2000 from taxi drivers who wanted to insure their cabs.

Eight drivers handed over quarterly premiums to William Tully, 44, who should have used it to pay for policies.

But Tully, of Buccleuch Street, who had been left on his own at Edinburgh's City Cabs firm for the first time, kept all the money.

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Management noticed the missing cash within hours and suspended him before calling in police.

Tully was taken on at City Cabs in February this year as an insurance agent.

His job was to make sure policies held by Westminster Insurance were kept up-to-date and payments were received.

But after just three months with the company he took 1793.11.

Tully was charged and admitted forming a fraudulent scheme when he appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court earlier this year.

Sentence was today deferred for five months to see if he can pay the money back.