Injured kayaker rescued

Dunbar's volunteer lifeboat crews raced to rescue an injured kayaker after receiving a mayday distress call on Thursday evening, May 17.

The Dunbar inshore lifeboat crew rescued an injured kayaker and brought him safely to shore.

UK Coastguard requested both the inshore and all-weather lifeboats launch at 8.15pm after receiving a call that the kayaker had dislocated his shoulder and was stranded about a mile offshore from the town’s East Beach.

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The inshore boat crew located the man and his female companion, both in their 40s, north east of the harbour before 8.30pm. The man was in the water, lying over his kayak and clearly suffering from a shoulder injury.

The crew carefully lifted the man into the lifeboat, secured his kayak and returned to the harbour ab out 15 minutes later, requesting an ambulance crew meet them on their return. The female kayaker made her own way back to the harbour.