Ice cream man tells of nightmares after shotgun attack in van

AN ice-cream man who was gunned down as he served children from his van has complained of still being haunted by the attack.

Jim Allison says he is woken by nightmares in which he hears gun shots going off and has to take medication for post-traumatic stress.

No-one has been charged in connection with the shooting in Penicuik, in which he was blasted twice in the stomach at close range. Mr Allison, 58, a father-of-two, was sentenced to 12 years for rape after being convicted in 1970.

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He was forced to sell his popular business three months after being shot, in December 2006, because he felt unable to leave his home. Police investigating the shotgun attack have submitted a report to the procurator fiscal naming the person they believe was behind it. But Mr Allison said the police have not told him who they think was responsible.

He said: "I have nightmares. I hear banging noises during the night and I wake up. How could anyone work in a van which they had been shot in? But I've had loads of support from family and friends and people in Penicuik."

The ice cream man spent weeks recovering in hospital where he underwent two operations, including the removal of part of his bladder.

He told friends that only his heavy build prevented the wounds proving fatal, and doctors told him he was "really lucky" to be alive.

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