‘I don’t care who he is’ - Parking warden slaps ticket on David Hasselhoff’s KITT car

AS one of the most famous cars in television history it is instantly recognisable to most.But that didn’t cut any ice with one over-eager parking warden – who slapped Knight Rider’s KITT with a ticket during a Fringe publicity shoot this week.

• David Hasselhoff’s car given parking ticket after leaving KITT unattended during press interviews

• Parking warden: “I don’t care who he is”

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Owner David Hasselhoff had parked the famous car in the middle of the road that runs into the Edinburgh University Sports Centre, by the Pleasance.

A media circus accompanied the arrival of “The Hoff” as the Knight Rider and Baywatch star descended on the scene along with festival-goers and students. But despite the scrum of cameras – and the car’s well-known defences – one attendant still landed the star with a £60 fine once he had left KITT unattended to do interviews.

The parking warden then quipped: “I don’t care who he is.”

Hasselhoff shot to fame as crimefighter Michael Knight in the hit series Knight Rider.

Aided by KITT, a hi-tech 
Pontiac Trans Am with a mind of its own, the series saw the pair take down gangsters and crooks and launched Hasselhoff’s career.

The actor, 60, is in Edinburgh this month for An Evening with David Hasselhoff Live, in which he regales fans with song and dance and invites audience members to “Come party Hoff-style”.

Speaking to Evening News entertainment editor Liam Rudden in today’s On The Fringe podcast, the actor said he was unperturbed – but revealed KITT had taken the news badly. “KITT was so upset he got a ticket,” he said. “In fact, I had to talk to him. I had a counsellor come in.

“But he was very upset. KITT’s never got a ticket before, usually when he sees the police coming he just drives away.”

Despite the incident, Hasselhoff said he did not hold the fine against the attendant and would be happy to see him at his Pleasance Courtyard show.

He said: “I think what I’ll do is find the person who gave that ticket and give them a ticket for my show.”

Far from a low-key entrance, he arrived at a press call on Monday morning, skidding to a halt with such a noise that some of the students in the Pleasance were said to have woken from their sleep. The star shouted “I love you” before posing for photos with fans.

Perhaps fearing the wrath of The Hoff, Edinburgh City Council and Edinburgh University, which both operate traffic enforcement, denied it was their man who handed out the fine.

It would not be their first high-profile scalp, however. In 2002 Scotland’s rugby players were left stunned after a parking attendant slapped their bus with a ticket at the Macdonald Holyrood Hotel.