Husband ‘didn’t racially abuse personal trainer’

Nicola Hutcheon leaves Aberdeen Sheriff Court. Picture: NewslineNicola Hutcheon leaves Aberdeen Sheriff Court. Picture: Newsline
Nicola Hutcheon leaves Aberdeen Sheriff Court. Picture: Newsline
THE wife of a lawyer accused of calling her lover a “monkey” yesterday told a court her husband was not racist.

Nicola Hutcheon was claimed to have been assaulted by Alexander Hutcheon, 58, in their luxury west end home in Aberdeen in March.

The property lawyer is further accused of racially abusing Steve Agyei, his wife’s celebrity fitness- trainer lover, when Hutcheon allegedly confronted the lovers in the city’s Noose and Monkey Bar.

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The lawyer went on trial facing three charges at Aberdeen Sheriff Court in May and the case was continued yesterday.

Giving evidence, Mrs Hutcheon said she had been in a relationship with Mr Agyei – a former fitness trainer of Tony Blair’s wife Cherie and Spice Girl Emma Bunton – for a year, but split up with him a few weeks ago.

Mrs Hutcheon, 44, told the court she had not expected to see her husband when he came into the bar on 29 January.

Fiscal depute Dorothy Roy asked: “Did Mr Hutcheon approach you and Mr Agyei?”

She replied: “Yes. He asked me to come home. I had just stopped the divorce.”

Ms Roy asked: “Why were you with Mr Agyei?”

She replied: “Because I still wanted to.”

The mother-of-three said she could not remember whether her husband said anything to the fitness trainer.

She said he had been calm during the conversation but was uncomfortable because their 14-year-old son was with him at the time.

The court heard she told the police that her husband had called her lover a “tink” and referred to his clothes being a mess.

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But she told the court: “I can’t remember any racist remarks being made.”

Defence lawyer George Mathers suggested the fitness instructor was out to destroy his client so he could have his wife all to himself.

Mr Mathers said: “It would be perfectly obvious to someone like Mr Agyei that you are a wealthy woman in your own right.

“You live in a very exclusive part of town in a lovely house. It would appear that you have expensive tastes in clothes and jewellery.

“Am I right in thinking one of your cars was a Bentley and a Porsche?”

She replied: “A Bentley, yes. I had a Cayenne.”

Mr Mathers said: “You were used by Mr Agyei.”

She replied: “No. I don’t think he used me. I don’t think there was any plan to be after my money.”

Mrs Hutcheon said she had met Mr Agyei at an event last May and paid him for a block of training sessions.

She said they ended up in a relationship but she had promised her children she would go back to her husband.

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Mrs Hutcheon told the court that, on 27 March, she and Mr Hutcheon ended up having a “heated” argument in one of the bedrooms at their Rubislaw Den home.

She said her chin came into contact with his wagging finger and he never intended to hurt her.

Mr Mathers stated his client ran a successful property business and dealt with numerous clients from around the world.

Mrs Hutcheon said: “I can’t say that my husband is a racist.”

Sheriff Janys Scott yesterday ruled there was no case to answer on the assault charge or a further alleged offence of making racist remarks during the argument at the couple’s home.

Mr Hutcheon now only faces one charge of racially abusing Mr Agyei in the Noose and Monkey bar.

The trial continues.

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