Humour and wits help Mary hit 100

A great-great grandmother has celebrated her 100th birthday this week with a family party at her Granton home.

Mary Lloyd was born on March 18, 1913, at St Mary’s Street in Edinburgh, and marked the milestone with a card from the Queen.

She had a hard start to life and was initially raised by her Auntie Mona.

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Locals would often stop her auntie in the street and would comment that she was “a very lovely child”.

But a few years later she returned to live with her mother Annie Murdock to help look after her sister and four brothers which her family say she did not like.

Some years later, Mary met her future husband, Stanley Cecile Lloyd, who was serving in the navy.

The couple set up home together in Cumberland Street, Stockbridge, and went on to have three children together; Irene, Stanley and Annette.

In time the family moved to Granton where Mary still lives today.

She has lived there happily in the same flat for 66 years.

Sadly, Mary lost her husband 45 years ago, and then lost her son some years later.

Mary, who has 11 grandchildren, 16 great grandchildren and five great-great grandchildren, has had a number of jobs in her lifetime including making tyres in a rubber mill.

During the war she also helped to make children’s gas masks and later she worked at a deaf and dumb school in the Capital.

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She also had jobs at Duncan’s Chocolate Factory and a drapers shop and cleaned windows at Fettes College.

A keen traveller, Mary has visited many places in her lifetime and loved to go on holiday. She usually went with her sister Gina, to whom she was very close, and their trips included going to the United States, Spain, Malta and Australia.

Mary spent her 74th birthday Down Under visiting her granddaughter Elaine, and even spent time in Singapore before returning home.

She is particularly fond of her jewellery especially her earrings and rings that she is never without.

Mary has always loved socialising and would enjoy a wee drink from time to time. She was also a keen knitter, and still tries her hand at knitting even though her vision is now not as good as it was.

Mary’s family joined her to celebrate her 100th birthday and said she is “a lively spirit, humorous and quick witted.”

Great granddaughter Louise Hendry said: “She is a lovely lady and is a joy to be with. She has so far had a wonderful life and has always said that she is not going anywhere until she receives her 100th birthday card from the Queen.”

Mary was delighted when this wish was granted and said she is now looking forward to reaching 101.