How Andy Murray likes to chill

As one of the world’s top tennis stars, his demanding dietary regime is nearly as ­famous as his technique and relentless training.

But Andy Murray has ­spoken for the first time of his love of ice-cream – and his tendency to devour an ­entire box of Wall’s Feasts in a single sitting.

Although now a multi-­millionaire, the 25-year-old revealed he spends his spare time eating as many of the 270-calorie ices as ­possible.

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“I like Feast ice-creams” he tells Scotland on Sunday in an interview today. “I can get through about three or four of them in a day when I’m at home.

“I can have them midday through to when I go to bed.”

Murray, the US Open and Olympic champion, also spoke of his “emotional” ­return to Dunblane today to celebrate his summer of ­success.

He will arrive in his ­Stirlingshire home-town on an open-top bus before taking part in a walkabout, for which thousands of people are expected to line the streets. “I can’t wait to get back to Dunblane to where it all began and share my US Open victory with everyone and thank them for all the ­support” Murray said. “It’s definitely going to be ­emotional, but it’s a very special place for me.”

The World No 3 is due to ­arrive in the town around noon. The route takes in the golden Olympic postbox ­Murray won for his town when he defeated Roger ­Federer last month to win a gold medal at the 2012 
London Olympics.