HIV couple deny having sex in public pool and assaulting police

A HIV positive couple have pled not guilty to having sex in a public swimming pool and then assaulting police when they tried to remove them.

Lukasz Rutkowski, 23 and Tanya Kalonga, 21, both described as prisoners in Saughton, appeared in Edinburgh Sheriff Court today.

The offences are alleged to have occurred in the Ainslie Park Leisure Centre on August 9 this year.

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The couple face claims they “engaged” in “sexual activity” and “appeared” to “have sexual intercourse within a public swimming pool”.

The charges also claim they did repeatedly shout and swear, utter threats, repeatedly refuse to leave the pool when requested to do so by police officers and commit a breach of the peace.

Not guilty pleas were also tendered by solicitors acting on the pair’s behalf to charges of assaulting officers by spitting at them, scratching and biting them, knowing that they (the accused) were HIV positive.

Rutkowski was also charged with acting in a racially aggravated manner by calling a police constable a “Scottish p**** and racist p****”.

A further hearing is to be held next Tuesday to allow the defence and Crown to consult medical experts. The accused were remanded in custody.