Hit-and-run driver offers victim hug before fleeing

A CALLOUS hit-and-run driver who asked a young woman if she "wanted a hug" after mounting a pavement and knocking her down was today being hunted by police.

The 21-year-old victim was thrown into the air "like a rag doll" after being hit by the speeding car as she walked with her boyfriend next to the Asda store at Chesser.

The woman narrowly avoided being dragged under the wheels of the blue Citroen Saxo after being struck by the bonnet of the car from behind.

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The driver finally got out of the car and offered her a hug before adding: "There's nothing wrong with her, she's fine," and driving off.

Skid marks from the collision later showed that the vehicle had almost fully mounted the pavement at the point of impact.

The victim, who asked not to be named, said: "My boyfriend and I were just heading out to a Festival show. We were walking along the pavement when I heard the screech of this car engine coming up behind us. It had been in the Asda car park then turned and came towards us.

"I turned round and it was literally heading right at us. I was told afterwards by witnesses that I flew through the air like a rag doll.

"I landed between a fence and the car which had skidded to a stop. He must have been going at some speed and he didn't seem to brake at all.

"I think I must have been in shock because I stood up right away. My boyfriend made sure I was OK then he started shouting at the driver who was just sitting in the car.

"Finally the driver got out and asked if I wanted a cuddle. He did not seem to be fazed at all that he had just knocked me down. He said I looked fine and drove off again.

"I think it was a miracle that I wasn't killed. I could so easily have been dragged under the wheels and run over."

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She added: "Some of the witnesses said they thought he was trying to give us a fright by driving on to the pavement."

The victim suffered severe bruising on her legs and back and suspected broken ribs.

Witnesses were able to get the licence plate of the car, and police are now hunting the driver following the incident at around 7.50pm on Thursday.

The victim's 21-year-old boyfriend said: "I was shouting at him that he could've killed my girlfriend. He just said: 'I just lost control. I wasn't racing or anything'.

"It was at least a minute before he even got out to see if she was alright and then he asked her if she needed a cuddle. I couldn't believe someone could react like that."

The driver and his passenger were both Asian men in their early 20s.

A police spokesman said: "Lothian and Borders Police are investigating following a hit-and-run incident that happened in New Market Road on Thursday. Police are following a positive line of inquiry."

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