Hill hits new heights with art display

TELEVISION funnyman Harry Hill is set to show his artistic side by hosting the first ever exhibition of his paintings as part of the Festival.

The comedian will display 40 unusual paintings at The White Stuff in George Street, including Phillip Schofield in Edvard Munch’s infamous Scream pose, Chris Tarrant lost in the wilderness and a summary of Ken Livingstone’s tenure as mayor of London.

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Harry said: “For my day job, I watch television, play with knitted toys and regularly get custard pies thrown in my face.

“So, in the evening I like to listen to Schubert, read a bit of Proust and dabble in oil 

“It’s a lovely hobby with a long lineage. Prince Charles and Winston Churchill are both keen watercolourists, and I hear that Peter Andre is very handy with crayons. So I’m in excellent company.”