Helix space show will be out of this world

A 'visually stunning' artwork showing an astronaut's eye view of Earth is set to make its Scottish debut at the Helix in a few weeks' time.

Gaia is a seven-metre high scale model of the planet created by artist Luke Jerram, and will appear at “Fire and Light: Cosmic Fortunes” which returns to the Helix on January 1 and 2 for a fourth year.

The event sees the Helix transformed by a spectacular combination of light and other special effects depicting the signs of the Zodiac.

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Luke Jerram said: “We have been able to gaze at the moon for as long as we have lived on this planet, but have only known what the Earth looks like from space in the last half a century.

“Viewing Gaia will give people a realistic idea of what it is like to see the Earth from space or, if they stand at the correct distance away, from the moon.”

Managed by Falkirk Community Trust with support from Scotland’s Winter Festivals event fund, the display features work from five Scotland-based artists including David Powell, Pyroceltica and Vision Mechanics as well as Gaia.

Jane McInally, a Glasgow-based artist famed for her expertise in creating spectacular paper lanterns is working on a community project to complement Gaia which is being created by the young people of Falkirk.

Ben Mardall, Helix Team Leader at Falkirk Community Trust, said: “Fire and Light: Cosmic Fortunes” is set to be an incredible show.

“The creative contributors have been outstanding and we are so excited to be featuring Luke Jerram’s Gaia as one of the many light installations visitors will be able to marvel at.

“There is something for all ages, from fire performances to animated projections.”,

Gaia translates as “the personification of the Earth” in Greek mythology, and also referred to as Mother Earth.