Heartrending tale goes deep

Deep Cut ****Traverse TheatreTEENAGE soldier Private Cheryl James was one of four young soldiers found shot dead at Deepcut Barracks between 1995 and 2002.

She had been an Army soldier for less than six months. All four deaths were recorded as suicides.

Deep Cut tells the story of the probe into her death through the eyes of her parents, with contributing verbatim testimonies from a journalist, a forensics expert, a lawyer and a contemporary recruit.

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Mick Gordon's sensitive direction prevents the play from becoming sentimental. Superb performances from Ciaran Mcintyre and Rhian Morgan as James' parents convey a miserable stoicism as they battle for some kind of resolution. Rhian Blythe brings a lovely lightness of touch to her portrayal of Cheryl's contemporary at the barracks, demonstrating that life there is neither unremittingly miserable nor anywhere near perfect.

A compact set proves a convincing backdrop to a heartrending story.

• Until August 24.