Hall’s meat factory to end production

PRODUCTION was due to end today at the Hall’s meat processing plant in Broxburn.

Around 1700 jobs have gone since Dutch owners Vion announced last summer it was closing the factory, claiming it was losing £79,000 a day.

The plant, which made a wide variety of products including sausages, haggis and black puddings, dated back to 1932 and was one of the biggest employers in the area.

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Politicians warned its shutdown would be like a pit closure in its devastating effect, not only on the workforce but on the community.

Vion took over Hall’s from Grampian Country Foods in 2008 but said it could not make the sprawling Broxburn factory profitable. The company turned down an offer from the Scottish Government to buy and lease back the factory and also rejected two commercial bids to take it over, but former rivals Browns Food Group have bought the Hall’s brand.

Some shops in Broxburn have already seen a drop in business. Gift shop owner Julie Milburn said: “There are less people around generally and I think what they are spending is less than a year ago.”