Gun ambush 'only supposed to be a slap'

A BUSINESSMAN blasted in the head at close range was only supposed to get "a slap", a trial was told yesterday.

Imran Sakur, 35, the alleged "mastermind" behind a murder conspiracy, only wanted to frighten Tony Demarco, said defence QC Brian McConnachie.

He said he had no idea that a firearm would be involved.

The shooting outside Edinburgh's Maybury Casino on 3 June, 2008 was supposed to be linked to a debt Sakur owed Mr Demarco, 63.

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But in his closing speech to the jury, Mr McConnachie pointed out that Mr Demarco had denied there was any such debt.

Sakur blames another man, said to have been thousands of pounds in debt, for trying to get Mr Demarco killed – but admits he played a part in arranging the casino ambush.

Sakur is accused of using his tenant Craig Kelbie – who also calls himself Craig Wallace – to recruit a hit-man. Kelbie, 35, also denies any knowledge that Mr Demarco was going to be shot.

Four men are accused of conspiracy to murder and attempting to murder Mr Demarco.

Francis McGlone, 39, of Lochfield Crescent, Paisley, denies being the getaway driver.

Jamie Robertson, of Stock Street, Paisley, denies firing the near-fatal shot.

Sakur, of Elcho Drive, Broughty Ferry, Dundee, denies masterminding the plot.

Kelbie, of Saggar Street, Dundee, denies recruiting Robertson.

The jury are expected to be asked to consider their verdicts on Monday.