Grant serves up cook to train parents

A CHILD-FRIENDLY family centre in Leith has received a grant of more than £6000.

The Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland recently gave Dr Bell’s Family Centre on Junction Place £6500 to go towards the salary of a cook/trainer.

As part of the charity’s Families and Foods Initiative, it will hold a series of six-week cookery classes, each for six people, for parents who, in the words of project manager Lesley Craise, “haven’t a clue about food”.

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The classes will teach basic cookery skills to parents who feed their children low- nutrition food, and at the end of each class will be able to take home a healthy meal for four for under £6.

As well as teaching cookery skills, nutrition and food hygiene, the cook/trainer, Steve Cochrane, will take parents to butchers and fish shops.

Dr Bell’s is concerned that many parents do not use such shops because they don’t know anything about fish, cuts of meat, or how to cook raw products.

It is hoped that the cookery classes, which will be held in the adjacent Stanwell Nursery, will be up and running by October.