Government cuts 'mock Big Society', says TUC

UNIONS and voluntary groups will join forces today to campaign against the government's spending cuts, arguing that they make a "mockery" of the Cameron administration's Big Society project.

TUC general secretary Brendan Barber accused ministers of driving through "savage" cuts which, he said, will impact hardest on the poorest, most vulnerable communities.

The union organisation said the voluntary sector was set to lose around 4.5 billion because of the government's austerity measures.

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Mr Barber said: "This unnecessary and economically damaging austerity will make Britain a meaner, nastier, more unequal place to live, so we're bringing together unions and voluntary sector organisations to defend our civil society from attack and campaign against these cuts to vital support services.

"The TUC is keen to build the widest possible coalition against the cuts, involving unions, charities, community groups and faith organisations."

Belinda Pratten, of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, said: "We hear every day from organisations that are fearful for their future, and public spending cuts are already having a severe impact on charities' ability to deliver vital services."

She added: "Spending cuts must be managed intelligently, otherwise they will compromise the sector's ability to support the individuals and communities who need them most."

Around 150 representatives from unions, charities and voluntary groups from across the country are expected to attend today's event at the TUC in London.

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