Glaswegian accent is a barrier for employers, finds survey

A GLASWEGIAN accent is the biggest barrier to climbing the career ladder, according to a survey by a social networking company.

One-in-three of those questioned from the city claim their dialect has affected their chances of clinching a job.

The nationwide survey from CitySocialising reveals that a Glaswegian accent is the most likely to hinder your career, in contrast Irish or Essex accents could give your job prospects a welcome boost.

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The report found that one in six Britons - 17 per cent - believe their accent has hindered their career at one point or another - and it's Glaswegians in particular who experience the most prejudice, with 33 per cent of them claiming their accent has affected their prospects.

Despite controversy over Cheryl Cole's "thick" accent, only 8 per cent of Geordies felt their accent may have hindered them and 33 per cent even claimed it has helped them get ahead.

But it seems that adopting an Essex accent may bag your dream job, as 60 per cent of those surveyed from the county claimed their accent had helped advance their careers. Another popular accent is Irish (51 per cent).