Glasgow woman ‘is 87th best attraction in city’

A MIDDLE-aged Scots mother has found herself named as the 87th most popular tourist attraction in Glasgow after finding herself listed on Trip Advisor as a museum.
Mary Johnston's Trip Advisor profile. Picture: ContributedMary Johnston's Trip Advisor profile. Picture: Contributed
Mary Johnston's Trip Advisor profile. Picture: Contributed

Mary Johnston’s placing puts her above Glasgow concert venue The Hydro, where superstar Beyonce recently performed.

And Johnston is currently ranked 18th most popular out of 29 museums in the city, just two places behind Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art.

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Mary, 60, who has two grown-up children and lives in a terraced house in Bellahouston, boasted four five star reviews on Trip Advisor which have since been removed.

Mary says she loves city breaks and is a user of the website but believes her listing as an attraction is either a bungle by Trip Advisor or a practical joke.

Although there are no details about Mary as an “attraction”, Trip Advisor’s automatically generated text asks: “Been to Mary Johnston? Share your experiences!”

The travel website also compares Mary - whose picture is sideways - with a number of “similar” attractions such as Bellahouston Park and Pollok Country Park.

One Trip Advisor, Perrierdoumbe, wrote in his review of Mary: “This attraction wasn’t in the guidebooks but is fun for all the family if you’re a fan of people called Mary or rotationally-challenged photos.

The doorman seemed a bit grumpy though and didn’t seem to want to let us in.”

Jon Pavelin wrote: “I’ve met other Mary Johnstons around the world but never a sideways one. Mary, put the kettle on, i’m on my way round after work the night. Top banana.”

While AIvimh, who also gave Mrs Johnston five stars, said: “If you visit just one Mary on your next trip to Glasgow, make sure it’s Mary Doll!

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“With her astounding Maryness and stunning Dollacity, Mary Doll is the highlight of any trip to this beautiful Scottish city. I’ve travelled fairly extensively in the UK and i’ve met many a Mary, but none so very Mary-like as Mary Doll.

“The only criticism I can make is that Mary Doll is generally only viewable to the public from 9 until 5, usually being packed away for the night. This is a real shame as I can only imagine the sight of Mary Doll by moonlight must be breathtaking.”

A baffled Mary said: “I didn’t set it up. It must be a bug in the system or it is malicious.

“I’m already a user and I went on recently to review somewhere in Amsterdam so it may have happened then.

“I’m not a huge traveller, but I do like city breaks and have visited places such as Prague, Krakow, Lisbon and places like that.

“I have left a message with Trip Advisor and I am trying to get the page taken down now.

“I have been reading forums and apparently you have to bend over backwards to set up an account as an attraction.

“At least it is a good picture of me.”


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