Glasgow train singer’s Pavarotti video goes viral

A SCOT has impressed thousands after video of him singing a Pavarotti hit on the train home went viral.

William Boyle, pictured on the train to Hamilton. Picture: Contributed

William Boyle was filmed by a fellow traveller singing Nessun Dorma on the last train from Glasgow to Hamilton at the weekend, with the part-time singer admitting he was ‘literally speechless’ at reaction to the video.

The 24-year-old told the Daily Record: “The train went mad and everyone was clapping.

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“When I got off at my stop, they were all banging on the windows. The train driver even got off and shook my hand.

William Boyle, pictured on the train to Hamilton. Picture: Contributed

“Because of this video, everyone wants me to go and sing at my local.”

William, understood to work for parcel delivery firm Yodel, revealed that his operatic turn had come about after passengers asked for a song following their own efforts at Disney number Let It Go, from the film Frozen.

And William, who sings part-time in pubs around Lanarkshire, said that he was unaware he was being filmed - but that a woman sitting near him had recognised him from a pub gig and urged him to treat the carriage to a song.

He added: “It was a works night out and I got the train with my pal as I didn’t want to spend money on a taxi home.

“There was a few of us on the train and a girl noticed me from singing in the pub. This group of guys started egging me on, trying to get me to sing, so I thought I would just give it a go.”

William admitted that he would love to be a full-time singer, adding: “I am not trained and have never had a vocal coach.

“I think I have sung Nessun Dorma more than Pavarotti - when I ask DJs in pubs if I can sing it they give me funny looks.”

William’s party piece on the train was captured by fellow passenger Scott Thomson, who was on the train with a group of friends - and self-taught singer William is keen to make contact with the cleaning firm boss, saying: “I didn’t even know I was being filmed, but I really want to thank the guy who filmed it as it’s got me so much exposure and so many views online.”