Glasgow singles have best chance in Scotland of finding love

A new survey has revealed that Glasgow is the best Scottish city to be in if you're single and looking for a date.

Those looking for love in Glasgow are likely to have more luck Picture: Robert Perry

The survey of nearly nine million conversations, carried out by dating site Badoo, found that people in the city had the best chance in Scotland of landing their Saturday night date.

It was also one of the best places in the country to be single in, finding that those in Glasgow are more likely to find love - which is a good thing with 44 per cent of the city single.

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The study found that Glaswegians know what they want, with men sparking up 69 per cent to the conversations. But the Glasgow women are the most forward in the UK with 63 per cent of them starting conversations - tied at the top with Coventry.

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Other counties in the UK on the list, included Coventry and Sunderland.

London was discovered to be the worst place to be single, despite having over 14 times the population of Glasgow.

Joelle Hadfield, Badoo’s spokesperson, said: “People might find it strange that smaller cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh among the best places for singles to date in the UK. While both cities have high proportions of singles, most importantly, they have some of the most confident and chatty people, so more meaningful conversations are likely to be taking place. Badoo is also the ideal platform to meet like minded people as we create ten matches a second.

“The research highlights that smaller cities offer a greater opportunity for singles to meet a potential partner. One of the biggest reasons for this is that people in smaller cities may actually put a bit more effort into meeting their match because of potentially believing they face a much greater challenge in finding love, due to lower population numbers. This positive approach results in people really putting themselves out there more, which in turn leads to greater dating success. Badoo is also the ideal platform to meet like minded people as we create ten matches a second in the UK.”

Best UK Cities for singles

1. Coventry

2. Hull

3. Sunderland

4. Hartlepool

5. Glasgow

Most Challenging UK Cities for singles

1. London

2. Cardiff

3. Leeds

4. Oxford

5. Bradford