Girl, 9, donates hair to make child cancer wigs

She may only be nine, but big-hearted Emily Lawrence has raised nearly £800 by getting her hair chopped to help children with cancer.

The trustmake real hair wigs for children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment and other serious illness. Picture: Andy Thompson

The primary six pupil, from Airlie Primary School in Angus, was raising funds for the Little Princess Trust - a charity which provides children who have lost their hair to various conditions such as cancer with free wigs.

She has now raised enough to pay for two wigs.

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Emily’s mum Melissa said her daughter was inspired to take on the fundraising challenge after reading about The Princess Trust in one of her mum’s magazines.

Emily Lawrence has been busy fundraising for her sponsored haircut for the Little Princess Trust.

Melissa said: “She must have been thinking deeply about the article because one day on the way home from school she announced that she was going to gift her long hair to the charity.

“She is so thrilled not only that she has been able to help make a wig, but that so much has been rasied for the Little Princess.”

So will Emily grow her hair long again? It seems the jury is still out on that one.

Melissa: “She loved her long hair, but she quite likes the bob style she has now - and it is so much easier to comb in the morning.

“No more tugging and she really like being able to start the day pain-free!”

You can donate to Emily’s Just Giving page here