Get Whipped: Cream pie in the face for charity

Two cancer surgeons have been among the first in the Capital to take part in the Get Whipped challenge which, like its chilly predecessor, started in the US and is set to take social media by storm.

Whipped cream drips off the faces of Lucy Khan and Chris Cartlidge. Picture: contributed
Whipped cream drips off the faces of Lucy Khan and Chris Cartlidge. Picture: contributed

This time the challenge, which again involves nominating others to take part, is raising money for children’s charities as part of Childhood Cancer Awareness month.

Husband and wife team Lucy Khan and Chris Cartlidge, both 32, received £100 in donations to take up the challenge.

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The Fairmilehead couple underwent the challenge with the help of their sons, Josh, four and Ben, two, who helped them film the stunt as well as “testing” the pies to make sure they were up to scratch.

Whipped cream drips off the faces of Lucy Khan and Chris Cartlidge. Picture: contributed

Dr Cartlidge said: “A lot of our friends have done the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS but with it being childhood cancer awareness month we thought it would be good to do it for them.

“It’s a great chance to help people who have to face such a difficult disease and we’re always amazed how brave these people are.”

Dr Cartlidge said the couple’s day jobs were a constant reminder of how many people are affected by cancer and how brave they were, especially when children are involved.

“At some point before the age of 20, one in 285 kids will get childhood cancer so on average one child will get it in every school year,” he said.

The couple’s cash donation has been split between the Edinburgh Sick Kids Friends Foundation and CLIC Sargent.

“One of my brothers had lymphoma and is supported by CLIC Sargent so we wanted to make a donation to them and saw the challenge on their website,” said Dr Cartlidge.

Dr Khan, a breast cancer surgeon at the Western General Hospital, said the challenge was “good fun”.

“Chris had more force behind his pie so I was surprised I didn’t fall backwards. The boys were amazed and interested though and Josh wanted to eat some of it!”

She added: “We did it in the garden so the house was not wrecked but we did have a few piles of washing.”

The couple have now nominated their children’s godparents and hope to inspire others to get involved across the Capital by posting their video online using the hashtag #whippingchildhoodcancer.

Maureen Harrison, chief executive at the SKFF, said the couple’s passion and determination to help beat childhood cancer was “fantastic”.

“I hope this challenge will encourage many others to become a Sick Kids Superhero and help support the hundreds of children battling cancer at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh.”