German youth told hostage that killing spree was 'fun'

A MAN held hostage by a teenager on a shooting spree in Germany said in an interview published yesterday that the boy described killing 12 people at his former high school as "fun" and wanted to attack a second school.

Igor Wolf, 41, said Tim Kretschmer jumped into the back seat of his car after fleeing the school, put a gun to his head and forced him to drive away at high speed.

Mr Wolf said he asked Kretschmer, 17, why he had killed people at the school. "He answered very loudly: 'For fun – because it's fun'," Mr Wolf said.

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Mr Wolf said the teenager pointed a 9mm Beretta pistol at him with his right hand and used his left to reload. "He was preparing himself for the next shooting – that's what went through my mind," he said.

Mr Wolf veered off the road and escaped on foot unharmed. Kretschmer killed 15 people on 11 March before shooting himself.