Gail Porter treated for sex addiction

TELEVISION star Gail Porter has revealed she has received treatment for sex addiction.

Gail Porter has had treatment for sex addiction. Picture: Ian Georgeson
Gail Porter has had treatment for sex addiction. Picture: Ian Georgeson

The Scots model and presenter attended a self-help group but ended up getting attracted to other sufferers there.

Porter, 43, believes her extreme sexual behaviour is a symptom of depression after she was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder.

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The Edinburgh-born mum-of-one, whose hair fell out from stress-related alopecia in 2005, decided to seek professional help.

An image of former lad's mag favourite Gail Porter was projected onto Westminster in 1999. Picture: PA

However, she told how she was forced to attend a female-only group after the male sex addicts proved to be a distraction.

She said: “I went to a sex addicts’ group. And when we came out everyone was really horny.

“It’s like ‘Do we go for a burger afterwards – or back to someone’s home’.

“The girls ended up having to go to a female only group.”

Gail, who is divorced from musician Dan Hipgrave, is currently single buts says she would like to find a man to go on dates with.

However, she fears her baldness puts men off going out with her.

She said: “I watched this TV dating show TV recently and a young guy was asked his worst dating fear, and he said ‘If I was matched with a woman and she had no hair’.

“The worst thing baldness causes is loneliness.

“I wondered if I’d been some really evil person in a past life to deserve this. Your friends say it doesn’t matter, but it does to blokes.

“Sometimes I need to be on my own. Sometimes I really want a cuddle.

“I go to the cinema on my own every week and there’s always a fat bloke in the corner with a big bucket of popcorn and he always says ‘All right, Gail!’ That’s the highlight of my single life these days.

“I’d like someone to go to the pictures with. Otherwise, it could end up with just me and the fat bloke with the popcorn.”

The former lads mag favourite, who lives in London, admits she is now skint and has sought out work at Boots and local estate agents.

In 2011 she took a job as a barmaid pulling pints at the Duke of Hamilton pub near her home.

She added: “Sometimes I’ll offer myself up for work to local estate agents or Boots. But they don’t think I’m serious.”

Gail is currently writing her autobiography and next month will appear in a comedy show called Whingeing Women at the King’s Theatre in Glasgow.