Gadget review: Jabra Sport Wireless+ earphones

THE balance between durability and performance is a crucial one in the sport earphones market.

The durable Jabra Sport Wireless earphones. Picture: Contributed

Jabra Sport Wireless+ earphones


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For runners and gym users, the ability to soundtrack a workout is a great motivational tool - but if the audio is hampered by a design that lacks comfort and robustness, the worst kind of buds can become an unwelcome distraction. Thankfully, Jabra’s Sport Wireless + range does not fall into the latter category.

Substantial build quality

The latest version of the Danish firm’s fledgling sporting devices marries a substantial build quality to decent sound. It may not compete with earphones that cost two to three times as much for truly premium quality output, yet is sufficiently well-rounded to represent an excellent option for the music fan always on the move.

With a pleasing black and yellow colour scheme, the Sport Wireless + come with a variety of ear gels designed to fit all shapes and sizes of ear. Establishing which one is best for you will be a process of trial and error, although generally, some are more comfortable while others allow for a slightly looser connection - no bad thing if you are on a city run which regularly criss-crosses busy thoroughfares and need to keep check of traffic. With the controls on the earphone - including an option for FM radio - the design is compact without being fiddly.

Decent battery life

The battery life is decent, though some may find it a little modest if they intend to use the Jabra several times a week. A full charge will give around four hours of output, meaning that if you go to the gym around three times in seven days, you might just about eke out enough power to see you through.

In any case, the earphones are charged via a mini-USB connection, meaning it is simple enough to hook them up to a desktop computer, a mobile phone charger, or an in-car adapter.

Decent audio for price

In terms of the audio, the Jabra does a very good job for its price range. The output is crisp and well defined with pop songs with the mid-range well represented across most genres.

Indeed, the only music type that does not excel with them is pulsing dance tracks, thanks to some modest low-end, hardly a surprise for wireless Bluetooth earphones.