Gadget Review: Innergie PocketCell Duo USB battery pack

With the increasing number of mobile devices we carry around these days, power can be a problem. Phones, tablets, MP3 players etc all need to recharge.

The Pocketcell Duo can charge two devices at once. Picture: comp
The Pocketcell Duo can charge two devices at once. Picture: comp

And when you need to be on the move it can be a real pain to have to set down somewhere and wait on your device charging at a power point.

That’s where the PocketCell Duo comes in handy - a small discreet portable battery pack which allows you to quickly charge up two devices at once.

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Charged at a powerpoint or computer via a handy USB cable, the Duo fits easily in the palm of your hand and can be shoved in a pocket and connected to your devices as you travel.

The Pocketcell Duo is fairly compact. Picture: Comp

About half the size of a cigarette packet, the Duo is designed to take up as little space as possible. It’s fairly easy on the eye too. It’s a sleek white cylinder with smooth sides, featuring a single button. Pressing it will bring up a five-light LED display which tells you how much charge it has left. When it hits five, you unplug and head off.

The fact that it boosts your phone or MP3 player is a simple concept, but that it can fully charge two devices at once is seriously impressive. And it does so at a fair pace.

Tested on an iPhone 4S and a Samsung Galaxy at the same time it took about an hour to charge both fully, despite the fact both were almost depleted.

The Duo also comes with a short charging lead which has an ingenious adapter at the end, with a mini-USB, microUSB, or Apple connector. It’s great for charging a single device, but another lead is required if that’s your plan.

Overall the Duo is fool-proof. It’s quick and easy to use and doesn’t take up much space in your pocket or bag. While it has great potential for use moving round an urban landscape, it would also be a great asset for seasoned outdoor types; with hikers, campers, or travelling tourists all having a good need to power their devices in a place where there are unlikely to be many usable plug sockets.