Former Scotland captain Weir backs Team GB for Olympics

FORMER Scotland captain David Weir has told Scotland on Sunday he "wouldn't hesitate for a second" to play for Team GB at next year's Olympics.

The Scottish Football Association has consistently railed against plans to bring the four home nations under one umbrella, and last week SFA chief executive Stewart Regan and his counterparts at the Welsh and Irish football associations jointly issued a statement strongly opposing a united Great Britain football team. However, the Rangers skipper said the chance to play for a Great Britain team at next year's Games was a "once in a lifetime opportunity".

He said: "I'm all for it - it's a great idea. If I was asked to play - although, let's be honest, that's not really that likely - I wouldn't hesitate for a second."

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And he said he was far from alone in his desire to play for an Olympic Team GB.

"I think that's a widespread view amongst most (Scottish] players, which isn't that surprising because they'd be very foolish to say 'no', and I don't think that many will."

He added: "Any player who turned it down would regret it forever."