Food stealing dog becomes national hero during news report

An opportunist dog has become an internet sensation and a national hero in Chile after stealing an empanada while two women were being interviewed for television.

Chile's national hero, the empanada stealing dog. Picture: KuartaTV

The crafty canine snuck into camera shot and subtly grabbed the stuffed pastry beloved in South America as the as a reporter from Kuarta TV quizzed two ladies selling the food on the street.

The incident happened on the streets of Andacollo, the IV Coquimbo Region, north of the capital Santiago.

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Street dogs are popular up and down the Chilean peninsula, especially in Santiago, where they mingle with commuters, the local police and the public.

The clip went viral on social media, being shared thousands of time, with one illustrator pronouncing the dog the ‘Thief of Empanadas’.