Festive forecast: Met Office predicts mild weather for Scotland on Christmas Day

Those dreaming of a '˜white Christmas' look set to be disappointed this year, as the Met Office predicts mild weather in Scotland on Christmas Day.

The Christmas Day forecast indicates the weather will be mild and bright
The Christmas Day forecast indicates the weather will be mild and bright

Scattered showers and some sunny spells are forecast for Scotland heading into next week, but the wet weather is expected to dry up in time for 25 December.

What is the weather outlook for this week?

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The weather outlook for Scotland today (20 Dec) looks cloudy and wet at times, although the showers are expected to die out in most areas overnight.

The Christmas Day forecast indicates the weather will be mild and bright

Some patchy frost and pockets of fog are likely this evening, particularly in the eastern borders, with rain moving into Dumfries and Galloway later on.

Friday will be dry and bright for most, with one or two showers in central parts, along with some very light winds.

The weekend will bring some brighter spells, although there is the potential for rain in the south.

Monday will remain cloudy and bright, with the weather expected to stay dry.

Will it be a white Christmas?

The chances of a 'white Christmas' are unlikely this year, as the forecast indicates the weather will be mild and bright, although there is potential for rain in some parts.

The unsettled weather over the weekend is set to become drier as Christmas approaches, bringing a much milder day on 25 December for most of the UK.

On Christmas Eve, central and western areas will see cloudy skies and some outbreaks of rain, while it will most likely be dry and brighter elsewhere.

The wet conditions are expected to clear for Christmas Day, bringing increasing amounts of dry weather and milder temperatures, particularly in southern parts.

Although, the Met Office warns that with this settled weather comes an increased risk of overnight fog and frost.

Northern areas are set to see more changeable weather conditions after Christmas Day, with some showers and longer spells of rain expected.

What is the forecast for early 2019?

Southern parts of the UK are predicted to have a dry start to the New Year, but showers and spells of rain are likely to strike the north, with the unsettled weather set to extend to all parts of the country for a time in early January.

The Met Office expect a shift to colder temperatures at the start of the year, bringing wet and windy conditions, and a chance of wintry weather for some areas of the UK.