Fashion: Clothes to make a man out of you

It is time to get rid of your summer floaty florals to make way for fashion’s latest look.

It’s guy chic for girls. The catwalks were full of androgynous looking models enveloped in boxy masculine shapes – and now the high street has followed suit.

Covering up curves was the main objective for many a designer during fashion week, but this trend is one that creeps into our wardrobes year-on-year.

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There really is nothing new in borrowing from the boys, you only have to look at Diane Keaton back in the 1970s to see it has been around for a while. But what’s different about the trend this time around is that you can draw inspiration from both smart and casual sides of the male wardrobe.

The classic way to nail the look is simple. Suit it and boot it. Look for tailored trousers and jackets placed over crisp white shirts. Dolce & Gabbana even added some braces to the mix with cummerbunds and silk ties also getting in on the act.

You can round off the masculine edges by adding a tight pencil skirt, silk shirts and some spectacular heels.

But if all that still sounds too extreme for you, the easiest way to adopt the trend without becoming a slave to fashion is investing in a really good blazer. It can be slung over anything and still give you the desired effect.

Dresses can still be worn but tap into structured shoulders to create a masculine silhouette and mirror that boxiness by popping square shaped shoes on. Ankle boots with bare legs are a great way of achieving it.

But if you find this look too formal, you’ll love the look for day time. Sling on some leggings under a stripy top, find yourself a little band T-shirt with some leather to conjure your inner rock goddess, or revive the 1990s by buying a parka that would make Liam Gallagher jealous.

Then tie the whole trend together by saying goodbye to those sky scrapper heels in favour of something flatter. This season is all about the laddish loafer. Chelsea boots are also making a comeback and are a simple way of making a mannish statement with your dressing.

Have fun with prints to add a feminine and funky touch to the trend. And remember, it’s a look that tends to return. So be smart and make some room in your wardrobe because this trend is a keeper.

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Pictures by Neil Hanna at The Queens Arms, Frederick Street. Model Eunice Olumide. Hair and make-up by Culture Lounge. Model styled by Lynne McCrossan, Laura Nevin, Danielle Mearns and Sophie Watson.