Family who unearthed vintage film of Glasgow wedding appeal to trace bride and groom

A family who unearthed video footage of a white wedding in Glasgow in 1972 are trying to track down the mystery bride and groom to reunite them with the film.

Alexei Slater, 34, was helping out his father when they discovered a roll of 8mm film in the attic, which was professionally filmed footage of his wedding day.

Along with the treasured footage, which Alexei had digitised, a second roll of film was discovered with showed another couple standing on the steps of a church.

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Alexei’s parents wed in Queens Park, Glasgow, in June 1972.

Stills from an old 8mm film of a wedding that took place in Glasgow around 1972. picture: SWNS

It is believed that the other wedding would have taken place at around the same time - and were mistakenly given footage of the second marriage.

And the scriptwriter, who lives in London, is hoping to track down the other couple who appeared on the second roll of film, to give them the video footage.

The wedding took place nearly 50 years ago, and Alexei hopes it would bring joy to the now-elderly couple and their family.

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Stills from an old 8mm film of a wedding that took place in Glasgow around 1972 Picture: SWNS

Alexei said: “The footage must have been made at the same time, but not at the same place as my parents are Jewish.

“It was just bizarre - my dad had put it in an envelope.

“I was just blown away by the footage.

“I’ve no idea who the people are.”

Alexie Slater found the old footage and would like to reunite the bride and groom with the footage from the day. Picture: SWNS

Standing on the steps of a church, the glamorous young bride is wearing a white gown with her dark hair loosely curled and wearing exaggerated eye makeup.

An older man, who appears to be the groom, can be seen wearing a top hat and tails, with a corsage pinned to the lapel of his jacket.

The couple posed for photos on the steps of the church while a crowd of guests, all dressed in 1970s garbs, milled around watching.

Parked on the road nearby is a string of vintage cars.

Due to its age, the footage is tinged with green and has no sound.

Alexei said: “The guy who must be the husband looks quite a lot older - the bride looks about 25, and he looks about 60.

“The bride may well still be alive.

“It is just lovely footage even though it doesn’t mean anything to me personally.

“If someone was connected to it, I think they would love to see it.

“I think my dad paid the guy to make the film.

“Back then that was quite unusual, not like now when everyone is filming on an iPhone.”

Elderly women with neatly styled hair stood beside the bride dressed in fur coats.

Alexei added: “It would be wonderful to track down anyone connected.

“I am assuming they haven’t seen the footage, but only because my guess is it was wrongly given to my father more than 45 years ago along with footage of his own wedding.

“He stumbled on it a few weeks ago and I had it digitized at a facility in Soho.”