Family to find out if implants caused death

THE family of a Lothians mother who died from a rare form of cancer have vowed to find out if her breast implants were to blame.

Susan Grieve, 40, from Musselburgh, died last month from anaplastic large cell lymphoma, which some experts believe is caused by exposure to silicone.

The legal secretary’s illness came after she underwent a £5000 private operation in 2006, when she was fitted with low-cost breast implants manufactured by the French firm Poly Implant Prothese (PIP).

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Although US surgeons stopped using PIP implants over health fears, European governments and health organisations said there was no proof they caused cancer.

But the family of Ms Grieve said they were not convinced and have consulted a lawyer over possible legal action.

Her mother, Iris, 62, said: “Until the manufacturers and authorities accept responsibility, we have to fight for Susan.”