Families hit as care home and meals on wheels costs go up

FAMILIES face increasing costs for elderly relatives living in residential homes or receiving frozen meals delivered to their homes.

East Lothian Council agreed to raise social care costs at a meeting this week to meet the costs of providing the services for elderly and disabled residents.

The weekly cost for a place in a council care home will now rise from 425 to 473 a week. Home care charges will be increased to 9.75 per hour, while the charge for overnight respite stays will rise to 8.10 per night.

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Around 500 people who receive frozen means will have to pay 2.40 per meal, a rise of 37p. And the cost of the community alarm service will be increased by 12p to 1.45 per week.

Councillor Ruth Currie, East Lothian's adult social care leader, said: "We have set our new charges within a scale that balances affordability with best value. We are required to set a rate for people living within the council's four care homes at a level that reflects the cost of providing the service."