Extra day a week needed to tackle ‘to-do list’

SCOTS say they need an extra three and a half hours in the day – or an extra day a week – to catch up with all of their tasks, according to a report.

The survey found that everyone believes they are busier than their parents’ generation – regardless of their age.

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When asked about their “to-do list”, two-fifths of people said there were always tasks they never got round to, and a fifth admitted they add more to their list than they cross off, with DIY, housework and visits to the gym the three things which people were most likely to put off.

However, just over a quarter of Scots said that if they had an extra half an hour every day, they would dedicate it to more “me time”, while over a fifth would sleep for longer, and a quarter would set aside extra time to be with their partner and family.

Some of the things people spent most time on included an average of ten days researching a new car purchase and two days choosing a holiday destination.