Ex-TV presenter John Leslie reveals suicidal thoughts after sex attack claims

Former TV star John Leslie has revealed how he contemplated suicide after seeing his lucrative presenting career dry up after allegations of rape.

• Ex-Blue Peter presenter hasn’t worked in TV since 2003 after sex attack claims.

• Scot considered suicide to spare parents the pain.

The former presenter of ITV flagship show This Morning has told how he hit rock bottom and believes he has been condemned by the media for crimes he was cleared of.

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Mr Leslie was named in 2002 as the man who it was claimed had assaulted Ulrika Jonsson during an alleged sex attack in 1997, however a court cleared him of all charges, but his glittering TV career quickly hit the rocks.

And Mr Leslie believes he has been condemned by the media since the allegations having not worked in television since 2003, and he has now spoken of the black cloud hanging over him.

Speaking to a Sunday paper, Leslie said that at his lowest point he had contemplated suicide.

“I was never able to move on,” he said. “It was like an illness lingering that couldn’t be cured.”

“I was labelled a monster. I once contemplated suicide because I couldn’t see a way out. I thought that was the only way I could stop the pain for mum and dad.”

But Mr Leslie, who is now a DJ on Edinburgh’s Castle FM, added: “People still have a pop and it’s been ten years now. You think ‘Get over it’. I’ve also had an enormous amount of support.”