Woman '˜stunned' after thousands of bees '˜take over her car'

A car owner was left stunned when thousands of bees swarmed onto her motor because their queen decided it would make a nice home.

The front of Cheryl Murphy's car was taken over by a swarm of bees. Picture: SWNS

Cheryl Murphy, 33, was alerted by a friend who noticed that “quite a few” honeybees had descended onto her car.

But by the time she made the walk across the road, thousands of the insects had taken over the white Suzuki Alto.

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Cheryl, a mum-of-two, said: “I couldn’t believe it. I just looked on in amazement. There were thousands of them moving around.

Beekeepers were called to help remove the bees from the car. Picture: SWNS

“They made a big collective buzzing noise as they moved from the windscreen down to the bonnet.

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“I’m not sure what it was that attracted them to my car. Maybe the queen liked how bright and white it was.

“Maybe someone from the nearby pub had spilled something onto it. I don’t know.”

Beekeepers were called to help remove the bees from the car. Picture: SWNS

The bizarre incident happened across the street from the dental practice where Cheryl works in Bathgate, West Lothian, on Tuesday afternoon.

And she was forced to call a local pest control worker to get rid of the insects.

Cheryl added: “I called pest control to see what they could do. They thought that the queen bee was trying to build a nest in my engine.

“The pest control tried to drive my car to get rid of them but that didn’t work. So when he came back, he reluctantly killed the queen.

“I couldn’t put an exact number on how many there was but I’m certain that there were at least several thousand.

“If I had waited until the end of the working day, then the whole car could have been covered.

“When I went back to work they were all in amazement as I showed them the photos.

“But they quickly went out to their cars to move them so that the bees didn’t decide to move onto their vehicles.”