We should have been given more time to object

A Kildrum man has complained residents were given just a few days to object to new car parking being installed in their street.

Colin Smith returned home from holiday to find the new car park being installed outside his front door in Braehead Road, Kildrum

Colin Smith, of Braehead Road, says he received a letter from North Lanarkshire Council on May 10 to tell him of plans to replace a patch of grass outside his door with public parking.

It stated comments had to be made by May 14, and as the council would be closed for the weekend, Colin urgently tried to contact the council, but a voice message and an e-mail went unanswered.

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Last Sunday (May 20) the family went on a three-day trip to Poland and returned to find the patch of grass being dug up.

Colin said: “I can’t let my two young children use the front door as it now opens onto a car park.

“When I called the council they said they were doing it for safety reasons, but whose safety, certainly not that of my kids.

“I have spoken to a couple of neighbours who would’ve objected to it, but weren’t able to due to the short space of time in receiving the letters from the council.”

A council spokesperson responded: “A request for extra car parking spaces came from the local community and was agreed through the Local Development Programme.

“Residents in the area were asked for comment on the plans and, as only one objection was received, the project went ahead.

“We believe the timescale given for comments was adequate for a small project of this nature.”