Warmest spring on record predicted for Scotland

THE end of today is set to mark the warmest spring on record, forecasters have predicted.

Locals soak up the sun in Edinburgh's Princes Street Gardens. Picture: Toby Williams
Locals soak up the sun in Edinburgh's Princes Street Gardens. Picture: Toby Williams

Early statistics from the Met Office showed average temperatures for the three months of spring have been 7.63C, narrowly above the current record of 7.61C set three years ago.

The figures are based on measurements taken up to 28 May, and depend on temperatures recorded in the final three days of the month.

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But with the mercury soaring to more than 17C in Achnagart, Ross and Cromarty, on Thursday, and 20C in Aviemore yesterday, this year’s spring is well on course to clinch the title. Meterologists claimed that today could even see a high of 21C, which would make the likelihood of a record-breakingseason a certainty.

“With many places in Scotland seeing above-averagemaximum temperatures through the last few days, it’s very likely that the record for the warmest spring temperatures will be beaten this year,” said meteorologist Alex Burkill.

Higher than usual average temperatures across the country mean Britain as a whole is on course for its third-warmest spring since records began in 1910. This year’s mean temperature for the season UK-wide is 8.97C – coming behind 9.05C in 2007 and 9.15C in 2011. It continues a run of six months where the UK reported above-average temperatures, with all the months from December through to April being at least 1C warmer than the long-term average.

Despite raised temperatures across the country, May has been duller and wetter than normal. Many areas have seen heavy rainfall and some parts of the country have experiencedflooding.

Figures show there was just over three-quarters of the sunshine usually seen across Britain at this time of year, and nearly one and a half times the rainfall. Scotland and Northern Ireland have seen particularly low levels of sun this month, with less than 60 per cent of the average recorded north of the Border.