Two sibling baby red squirrels rescued

TWO vulnerable five-week-old red squirrels are recovering after being found in Perthshire.

Jar Jar and Binks at the Scottish RSPCA's Clackmannanshire rescue centre. Picture: Contributed

The siblings, one male and one female, are recuperating under the watchful eye of the Scottish SPCA’s Clackmannanshire-based National Wildlife Rescue Centre.

According to centre manager Colin Seddon, Jar Jar and Binks were found on the ground at Blairgowrie on Thursday and were likely to have fallen from their nest in a tree.

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He went on: “Their mother may have been moving them when they fell by accident and hasn’t come back for them, possibly because there were people around.”

He added: “When they are old enough to take solid food we’ll move them to one of our outdoor enclosures.

“It’s good that they have come in together as this will help their development before their return to the wild.

He advised anyone who found baby red squirrels in distress to call 0300 999 999.