Strong winds disable St Kilda’s Missile Range

WINDS of nearly 190mph battered Britain’s largest missile test range in the Hebrides and putting it out of action, according to reports.

Government buildings at the rocket range. Picture: Allan Milligan

Buildings were damaged on St Kilda and 15 workers were airlifted from the stricken site, with the Hebrides Missile Range still out of action over a week later.

The Met Office could not officially confirm the 188mph speed of the gust that wreaked havoc on the remote outpost, which would be over 40mph faster than the official record of 142mph.

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The St Kilda base tracks rockets launched nearly 15 miles away in the Uists, and is over 1000ft above sea level.

A spokesperson for QinetiQ, the firm operating the base, told The Sun: “A recovery plan is underway to restore the site to full working order after unprecedented storms.

“We hope the weather will permit our team to return over the next few days.”


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